ThinPrint Gateway

  • The TPG-125 is easily connected to the network through plug & play. Then the TPG-125 and printers are to be configured and you’re done!
  • Users send their print jobs to the TPG-125 which decompresses, decrypts and forwards them to the printer for printing.
  • The TPG-125 is specifically developed for environments using ThinPrint technology. 
  • The integration of your printers is independent of manufacturer and model. Integration isn’t restricted to certain printer manufacturers or models. Printing becomes even more flexible!
    Each ThinPrint® Gateway is equipped with a certified ThinPrint client. Thus the ThinPrint® Gateways offer all basic ThinPrint functions (compression, encryption, and bandwidth management). Your network load is reduced as usual. All additional ThinPrint features (such as AutoConnect and Connection Service) can be used.